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Green technology focuses on the discovery of renewable energy from clean alternatives

Green Technology is the development of  new  concepts and ideas that work well with the environment. Reusing and recycling materials for example,  rather than just discarding. Finding ways to balance and enhance  our ever changing climate with renewable energy is our best option. Developing science and tools that  benefit our planet's environment is the way forward. Clean technology is the same thing as green technology. Green technology focuses on the discovery of   renewable energy from clean alternatives. Finding new ways to replace the old ways of how we energize our lives.
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Geothermal Energy is developing for heating buildings or structures

    Geothermal Energy for heating Geothermal Energy is developing for heating buildings or structures. Geothermal energy is a type of energy generated from the heat of the earth. The planet has water or steam that is carried up to the earth's surface. The heat can be kept stored and used for a clean energy resource. Many construction projects developing today are considering the addition of Geothermal Energy as their  source of heating. Water steams up to the surface and can be harnessed for heating or cooling. There is a difference between Geothermal energy and Thermal energy. Geothermal energy is derived from the Heat that planet earth provides. Thermal energy is very different from  Geothermal energy and should not be confused.

Time to develop new green clean tech renewable energy sources

   Time to develop new green clean tech for  renewable energy sources Focus on green tech and clean tech for  your renewable energy sources.  This an important  step for  the healing of  our environment. You matter and  your imprint matters.  Everyone on  the planet  working together can discover remarkable solutions Together. Join Us ❤

Solar Energy is a natural renewable energy

   Solar is a popular renewable energy  There are several  types of renewable  energy options available today. One type of renewable  energy is Solar Energy. Solar Energy is a natural energy that is very renewable. You can use solar energy in many forms today. Solar power is a great resource!